Greetings to family, friends, and all my boon-companions. 

As I reenter the Facebook universe once again, I thought a blog would be a good way to reestablish contact after a long period of hibernation.  Let me start by saying what a long strange it’s been, and ask you to forgive me for not keeping in better touch

So here is the long story short:

I have been living on Maui for a year and a half now.  This was the right place to land after a rather difficult ending to the Bainbridge Island phase of my life.

This is not to say my 20 years living on the edge of Puget Sound wasn’t a time filled with great love, growth and creativity.   As most of you know I  retired from UCLA and moved to Bainbridge Island to discover what life after UC had to offer.

I thought, “Oh, I know, I’ll become a downtown merchant an open a retail store!” For those of you who don’t know about this chapter, let me briefly fill you in: 

I opened Oil & Water Art Supply and it’s school, that became a significant nexus for the Bainbridge Island art community.  After eight years of a really exciting run that involved great people doing really wonderful things that involved the growth of the art community on Bainbridge, The Perfect Storm hit. The national economic down-turn combined with a 8 month Winslow Way renewal project, that reduced the street in front of the store to dirt and dust. Then on a return trip from an art trade show in Reno, a semi truck sideswiped me on my motorcycle, taking away part of my left hand.   During this same time I struggled with heart disease, that involved lots more “procedures”.  Yikes!

Then the coup-de-gras: A fall off a ladder at the store that fractured my calcaneus or heal bone.  FUN FACT:  This type of break is also referred to as “The Lovers Fracture” or  “The Don Juan Fracture” Why you ask?  Because the heal bones of lovers are often broken when they jump from great heights to escape from their lover’s spouse. 

This was not the cause of my fall.  I was clearing snow from roof drains at the Winslow Mall.  No lovers, no absolutely no joy there at all. 

Other complications involved a broken back in four places.  All this resulted in lots more procedures and ultimately to the loss of my business, marriage, home and my good credit standing.

During this s–t storm the community came to my aid with more compassion, love and genorosity than I have ever experienced and I will be forever grateful.

OK, JUMP TO NOW. (my favorite time of the day) 

It is late afternoon here on Maui and the sun will soon start it’s metaphorical dive into the Pacific.  I try to be present for every sunset so I will 

I intend to use this blog to reconnect with those I care so much about and to share how I discovered how adversity can be such a hard nut but, given the right nurturing and care, can grow into something unexpected and wonderful.  Speaking of nuts, I have a palm tree with my name on it, and a sunset to watch.   Blessings and big alohas to you. 




2 thoughts on “MOVING TO THE SUN

  1. Philip Donahue

    Good to read your Blog. Thanks for posting it. I miss you around here, but see why you’re not here anymore. Glad you seem to have found a happy place. I’m fortunate to have linked up with a great group of WA artists, mainly in Seattle, via becoming an Artist Trust artist. I’m still exhibiting in Japan every year, & recently have been was in museum shows in Nara, Kyoto, Osaka, & Sakai. I hope to keep in touch with you.

  2. Chelsea Lee Greenwood

    Richard! Good to see you even only digitally, glad you are doing well and miss ya!
    Chelsea lee


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